Design and technology at Plaza 18 Vejer

  • A sustainable hotel based on energy efficiency

Here our guests can experience the comfort, intimacy, exclusivity and feeling of being in a second home. An experience that is completed with cutting-edge technology such as underfloor heating guaranteeing an ideal temperature in the winter.

Plaza 18 Vejer is design, luxury and history in the heart of medieval Vejer. The hotel is located in a building that dates from 1896 that was built on top of a 13th century Moorish house. The project is a collaboration between Vejer's premier hotel, 'La Casa del Califa' and award-winning international designer Nicky Dobree.

The original black and white floor tiles were therefore lifted and re-laid on newly levelled floors. 

In Plaza 18 energy efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand through the most unique technological facilities of the Hotel Plaza 18:

  • Underfloor heating installation, consisting of heat emission by the water that circulates through pipes embedded in the floor, which allows for a really large surface as a heat-emitting element, at a very low flow temperature, thus obtaining greater comfort.

All bathrooms have good-sized walk-in showers and underfloor heating.

  • Air conditioning regulation through an integral AIRZONE control and regulation system, which allows for centralized management and improved energy efficiency of the installation. It is adapted to the type of technology of the air conditioning equipment and the typology of the building. The flexibility of the system allows the solution to be implemented according to the needs of each area of the building, improving the comfort of the occupants and reducing both energy consumption and operational costs.


 Plaza 18 Vejer Room 2.


  • Production of heating and air conditioning by means of an aerothermal heat pump, which is a clean technology that extracts up to 77% of the environmental energy from the air free of charge, providing maximum energy efficiency in both cooling and heating.


The sitting room has underfloor heating for the winter months and air conditioning for the summer.​


  • Production of domestic hot water through thermodynamic solar energy. Thermodynamic solar energy is a new system that takes advantage of the difference between the temperature of the liquid in the thermodynamic panels and the ambient temperature. The thermodynamic solar panels carry a cooling liquid at a very low temperature that produces an exchange of heat with the ambient temperature.

State-of-the-art technology that aims to reduce its impact on the environment and meet the needs of guests.

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