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Kitchen, Café & Bar
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  • "Life without cake is possible but pointless"

Autumn & Winter Desserts - Yum!

Ellie's granny knew a thing or two about cakes. Sheila Dewar (of the famous Dewar's whisky family) filled her children's meal times with home made crisp shortbread, crumbly warm apple pies, Cranachan laced with fresh forest berries, cream and White Label whisky, fudgy caramel millionaire's biscuits and table loads of lip licking goodies. Happily the tradition wasn't lost, her granny's cook book being passed down like a holy grail from grandmother to granddaughter. Now in Vejer you'll enjoy the finest of Scotlands great dessert tradition along with other delicious recipes picked up along the way.

One of Ellie's grandmother's favourite sayings was - "I eat cake every day because somewhere it's somebodys' birthday". Sheila Dewar was a wise (and happy) lady.